Saturday, October 9, 2010

John Calvin's Life

This is a very good overview of the life of John Calvin, given by Joe Tyrpak, the assistant pastor at Tri-County Bible Church in Madison, Ohio.

Keep in mind at the point when he covers the circumstances surrounding the death of Miguel Serveto (Michael Servetus), that which is often not either revealed or researched too thoroughly, that several years prior to Senior Servetus fleeing to Geneva, John Calvin corresponded with him in efforts to help Servetus see the Trinity in scripture. When Sr. Servetus was arrested and placed on trial by the state as a heretic, John Calvin's position as pastor was to give testimony as evidence of the truth behind Servetus' unitarian belief; but for the year prior to his execution, John Calvin, as a pastor, visited Sr. Servetus nearly every day, reading the scriptures to him and trying to convince Servetus of the truth of the Trinity so that Servetus might repent and recant.